Went to see the Captain Strangest I could find Laid my Proposition Down Laid it on the Line…

Blended learning, the convergence of online, mobile, and face to face education is occurring at higher education institutions everywhere. Research indicates that the amalgamation of curricula with student lifestyle, meaning the student device of choice, improves engagement, maximizes in and out of classroom learning, automates procedural items, and engage students with one another and teachers socially.  Cross curriculum integration of innovation with business teams is rapidly becoming norm in higher education many with set goals to create research driven innovation ventures to drive economic growth.

Policy makers and venture capitalist have responded rapidly by investing at a rate of four times the previous year, and with coordinated policy for research efforts to create the ventures that will lead the next economic boom.   This is not by chance, educators and policy makers alike acknowledge previous lack of coordination may have negatively impacted the economic boom of the nineteen nineties, an oversight they don’t intend on repeating.

Find something that you are passionate about and do it, fail fast, take corrective action, follow you passion, listen to your customers, do your homework, and the chances are pretty good you will find a program that will help you.  Help always goes to those that help themselves first, that is life….get off the ship of fools.



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