I Wish I was a Headlight on a North Bound Train

Innovation is the specific tool for entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as opportunity for a different business or a different service.   Presented as a discipline, practiced as a systematic method, and managed as a known process, Innovation can be a learned science, and therefore taught to those with the passion, energy and desire to search for, validate, and pivot their business model as required!

The rise of the Business Model Generation, Customer Development, and the recognition that only through rigorous customer validation to ensure that the innovation solves a problem, creates value, and can be repeated are fundamental tenants to the managing the innovation process.

The gap in public policy in entrepreneurship narrows as result of global recognition of its existence while inversely the methods of innovation mature and are being universally taught.   These are social endeavors with cross disciplinary boundaries requiring social tools capable of the managing, measuring, and collaborating results which must have public impact for improvement of economic activity at all levels.    Its a big opportunity…..how are you planning on executing?





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