Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride Hot as a pistol but cool inside

“Creating order, not chaos” –  The idea seems simple enough, but critical to creating order with regards to a business startup, is eliminating uncertainty – Build, Measure, Learn, and the very Scrum methodology simultaneously leveraged across both product and customer development seeks to expedite the validation.  Creating a product or service that you think people will want and wasting valuable time and resources on this goal is one of the pitfalls that the Lean Startup methodology strives to avoid.     So should you.

Streamlining business model validation while utilizing the power of social, mobile and cloud-based technologies is exactly what  entrepreneurial management tools do. They create order from what could potentially be chaos. As an entrepreneur or educator of entrepreneurial management, the ability to have access to those tools gives you the power to more dynamically control your business—creating order, not chaos.

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