You know my uncle, he starts playing the game

As promised, this is “Business Model The Board Game Open file. ¬†Just download the .zip at the bottom, print, cut, and play! Single dice is NOT included in the download. ¬†ūüôā

Me and my Uncle 12-30-77

Business Model The Board Game

It’s a simple amalgamation, designed to leverage student schema to learn entrepreneurship education nomenclature and methodology.

This was a really neat project, out of the box, designed to be a fun way to teach and learn about business modeling.   We hope that you enjoy it, and share your feedback here please.

Look for a crowdfunding campaign on for the Deluxe Box Set.  The intention is to drive the price per unit as far down as possible.  A Deluxe Open Source.

Business Model the Board Game, for educators of K-Graduate to teach and learn business modeling, and customer development lexicon and methods.  It’s a simple amalgamation, designed to leverage student schema to learn entrepreneurship education language and methodology.

Suggested Use:

Youth Рmiddle school:  A familiar game with entrepreneurship  vocabulary presented in an interactive experiential manner.

Secondary – the game can be played daily over a section (1 week) as the Canvas is introduced and its methods taught; in Science or Business classes.

At the collegiate level, it is a single class at the start of business modeling, new venture creation, Launch! and marketing courses using the business model canvas.

download the .zip

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If you listen very hard the Tune will come to you at last…

PhiladelphiaUniversityI read a commencement speech some years back, that was written by the most popular entrepreneur educator of the current age, whose topic espoused the efforts of the passionate student entrepreneur with a project that did not stand up to initial testing.

In the orators peroration, and to the audience jubilation,  the story continues with the entrepreneurs persistent experimentation and learning, blossoming from the once ugly duckling into the darling swann.  The story-teller makes no choice, soon you will not hear his voice, his job is to shed light and not to master.

As if I was in attendance, and myself the black sheep entrepreneur, I was tremendously moved, and motivated more so than ever, to Be a Rock and Not to Roll.

Last week at USASBE 2014, the largest annual gathering of 4 year educators of entrepreneurship and innovation, I released Business Model the Board Game, Deluxe Box Set for educators of K-Graduate to teach and learn business modeling, and customer development lexicon and methods. ¬†It’s a simple amalgamation, designed to leverage student schema to learn entrepreneurship education nomenclature and methodology.

I will open source this game in its entirety under creative commons here in the coming days.  This is what is looks like:

Business Model the Board Game

 Iterate Fast Before you Run out of Cash!

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“T” for Texas, yes and its “T” for …TCU



As the midwest buckles down through the cold, and in the north east they are digging out from under, entrepreneurship educators the world over head to Fort Worth for the annual USASBE pilgrimage, an educators workshop series to improve pedagogy and share methods.

The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship¬ģ (USASBE) is the largest independent, professional, academic organization in the world dedicated to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship. With over 1000 members from universities and colleges, for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the public sector, USASBE is a diverse mix of professionals that share a common commitment to fostering entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors.

This years 28th annual conference theme, appropriately, Cowboys, Culture, and Creativity, promises to be a Learning Journey for the 600 or so educators that will attend.  The entrepreneurship pedagogy Journeys include Social, Arts, Creating an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, and a tour of the Texas Christian University Entrepreneurship Program.

Comprehensive workshop schedule “educate the educator” and provide instruction and resources on teaching methods, public policy, and women in entrepreneurship to include in attendees own courses.

Workshop topics include Crowdfunding and impact on entrepreneurship education, Family Business Teaching,  and Lean Business Model Testing among many others.

Whether you are are buckled down in Normal, Ill, or slipping in the snow in New York City, keep your ear to the ground for Tweets from the Lone Star State – and get your entrepreneurship program rolling!

Doctor call me crazy, some says I am some says I aint.


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Everybody’s favorite fun game, Take a Step Back..

CF 1The rush to the crowd as the source to fund projects has left ¬†many would be kickstarters feeling “horribly smashed” under high campaign failure rates. ¬† Jobs Act provisions released yesterday and new Massulution data say that the 800+ other funding platforms aren’t any better. ¬†Something has got to give!

Similar to SEO experts, self proclaimed crowd consultants are popping up everywhere,  each one with claims of greater expertise than the next.  How can this be true in such a nascent industry?

Bloggers promise that Crowd Funding 2.0 will include integrated idea validation, social network assessment, campaign goal right size planning, staged and simulated funding rounds, pre launch platforms, and a spurry of other ideas all geared to improve the rate of successful crowd funding campaigns.  Education is foremost of them.

Crowd based customer and product validation using social networks to expand the reach and feedback sample size is all the rave in Lean Startup circles.  Customer Development and staged crowd funding campaigns permit entrepreneurs and artists to right size their crowd funding campaigns consistent with their network and market reach.Post it Q:A

Innovation and Entrepreneurship educators are faced with teaching all of this while it changes before their eyes.  Gone are the days of teaching the same class over and over again, but my goodness, this pace is making teaching a full time job!

When the pushing crowd was crushing those fans in the front at Barton Hall on May 8, 1977, Bob Weir famously urged everyone to  Take a Step Back.  The Result was pure magic.

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Flipped Curriculum – Just like New York City, just like Jerico

Flipped ClassroomEducators are adept linguists, and have the ability to elegantly complicate the analog like no other professional cohort.  The Flipped Curriculum,  all the rave in contemporary pedagogy nomenclature, is no exception to this synonymic fenom.

Inside Out, Inverted, Flipped, Reverse, Upside Down, and Backwards are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the leveraging of technology to create and deliver experiential learning environments for lecture, online, and hybrid courses content.  Even the words Lecture, Online, and Hybrid themselves hardly settled into the contemporary vernacular, are obsolete descriptions, as all courses today are partially all of these.

The disintermediation of the pedagogical connection through the use of technology is dilutive t0 the learning process bereft the functions that enable a far greater level of engagement with the content, peers, mentors, and teachers to enrich the learning environment. ¬† ¬†Today MooC’s have set an example for a flipped class that are little more than hosted video and instructions to self engage with the content and community.

“MooC’s today offer a bouquet of courses that reflect the elitist hierarchy in education that has existed for a century or more, whereas Mooc 2.0 is the democratization and socialization of curriculum collaboration for the benefit of teaching and student learning everywhere.” ¬†Dr. Doan Winkel

MooC 2.0, as described by Dr. Doan Winkel of Illinois State University, is a far more experiential, collaborative, experimentation, integrated feedback system that directly engages students in their lifestyles and teachers across geography collaborating co-curricularly with all the necessary stakeholders.  Yep, that includes Parents in the K-12 world.

Lean Startup MP    ILSTU MicroProfile    NSF iCorps MP

 The next 2 Paedagogus posts will explore in depth

  1. How to Flip your Course? and  
  2. What to do during Class Meetings? 

This is an exceptional Ramble on Rose.

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Wildflower seed on the sand and stone may the four winds blow you safely home

Untitled 4 The idea of engaging the customer directly in the iterative process of discovering desired value and defining the minimum viable product teaches startups and enterprises alike a systematic approach to product development, marketing, UX, analytics,and Ideation.

In the enterprise, this has been modeled, but not nearly as systematically, by using communities like User Groups and forums of common interest to identify common problems, and product definitions.  Similarly, the IETF, IEEE and other standards groups are not unlike a 2 sided market, wherein independent instrumentations and customer deployments can often shape and sometimes create a defacto standard.  Focus on the customer side.

In the early days, RnD was shielded from the customer, and certainly from the Field Sales organization.  Little mindshare or value was placed on RnD requests from the field, without the creativity of the experienced consultants and consultative field sales representative, who views themselves as the customer advocate, not a vendor.

Hats off to Alex Osterwalder and Steve Blank for eluminating the value proposition analysis and customer development methodologies and for Eric Ries and the Lean Startup Movement for promulgating them as gospel.

Today, these Lean Startup methods are being applied across many disciplines, startups, and enterprise projects pervasively.

Lean Startup teaches Build-Measure-Learn while Design Thinking teaches Learn-Build-Measure.

Lean UX hyper focuses the methods they long have used, integrate more customer touch points to increase iteration velocity.

Lean Marketing & Sales apply Lean methods to customer relationship management and communications measurement.  Disqualify rapidly and iterate.

While Lean Ideation adapts the customer development and iterative feedback processes to the creativity and ideation phases to measure impact and feasibility.

Lean Analytics similar to Lean Startup applies ubiquitously  and provides a means of both qualitative and quantitative analysis that improves both the granularity of customer feedback and means measuring and learning.   Reducing the focus to basic business model, and hybrids, and the OMTM is applicable to any project.

It is likely that we will see the further integration of Lean methods to improve processes across disciplines and similarly the socialization and use of feedback mechanisms to continue to improve along with these best practices. ¬†Don’t get confused, listen to the music play.

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Well, the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore

usasbe Launch  & leanstartupcircle_logo-5d5c6ae8efd2c748b4af478b62d46348

The Lean Startup Circle builds lean startup leadership and thinking, was founded in 2009 by Rich Collins, and today is an organization of thousands of startup founders, practitioners, and consultants who validate product and marketing assumptions through experimentation and observation is throwing its might behind USASBE Launch! a global student entrepreneurship competition.

As the Bay Area is the genesis of Lean thinking there is no shortage of thought leaders here and the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Lean Startup Circle Meetups set a high standard for the rest of 805 Meetups around the world.  (Vanity Metric).

In Berkeley, everyone say “Oakland”, the very city from which Steve Blank honed the platform of Lean thinking, customer development, and learn by DUing, their has been a void in Lean Startup Circle Meetups for no lack of entrepreneurial spirit, well educated Lean students, or businesses that want to be more Lean. ¬†A Pivot was in order.

Recognizing this, Tristan Kromer, took ownership of the Berkeley Lean Startup Practicum, and is trying another experiment; he askied me to take over the group,  which will be housed in the historic Oakland Tribune Building.

Sigma Eta Pi, a Berkeley Entrepreneurship Fraternity President, Andy Yang, and Elect Kirtan Upadhyaya, and their 37 active brothers and sisters are on board to help restart this meetup in manner commensurate the groups proximity.   I could not be more honored to be working with them and the Lean Startup Circle.

Our mission: To build lean startup leadership and thinking among students, startup founders, practitioners, and consultants through build measure learn, Lean, best practices here in the East Bay.

Stay informed on our May Meetup and Join the group!¬†¬†Come hear Uncle John’s Band.


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Better believe it It’s all you’ve got Opportunity…ticks loud like a dynamite clock

nacce2013_summit_finalRancho Santiago

“Knock the ‘T’ out of Can’t”, my mothers favorite bedtime story, rang in my head at the NACCE Summit, as I listened to the Superintendant-President of the Long Beach Community ¬†College District, Eloy Ortiz Oakley, ¬†candidly speak of the challenges on the ground in community college education.

Mr. Oakley, a champion for equity in higher education outcomes,  spoke of community college district Presidents as entrepreneurs themselves, that must engage their community systematically and look for every opportunity to leverage this into their own ever more budget constrained programs.

Eloy shared the fundamental need to teach the basic language and cultural skills such that students can begin to access their higher level talents.  Talents he intends for them to put to work as a part of the Entrepreneur Seed Funding Pilot Program.

Few university chancellors or presidents have such a breadth of curricula or the responsibility for their community as a function of their own program succes drawing on their time.

At the State wide level, public and private organizations like the B&EC, and Community College League of  California collaborate to manage programs and also to organize Pathways connecting at risk high school districts, community colleges, and ultimately to the four year California State University system.

Timothy Stearns of Fresno State has pioneered Pathways, and has developed an exemplary network in collaboration with Marianne Dunklin, of Fresno City College,  that reaches all the way down into at risk high schools in the State Center Community College District.

Nationally, NACCE, the Summit Sponsor, The Kauffman Foundation, and the Association of Community College Trustees have the money and might to get behind promising programs that are turning the model on its head experientially.  Lorain Community College in Elyria Ohio is one of these whose program is being piloted elsewhere, like Long Beach City College under direction of Sheneui Weber.

While, this level of collaboration and triage may exist in other pedagogical disciplines, only entrepreneurship and innovation have such direct economic impact; they are enabling your Chance in a Million take it!


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Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart You just gotta poke around

Provolone “wit”, Live Aid, the Meridian fire, soft pretzels, boat house row, struggling sports teams, Move, and the Babino! ¬†There is a rich history and many traditions, both good and bad, but this place does not sit still, and its making itself over, yet again.

The skyline downtown has grown, cranes have returned and University City is exploding with the new buildings around historic landmarks, and new programs in pedagogy for student entrepreneurs of all disciplines.  Philadelphia is rapidly becoming an entrepreneurship startup force just a bit east of silicon valley with every bit the passion and skills to to give the west coast a run for the roses.

Just this week Drexel University elevated one of the nations top entrepreneurship programs to a University Wide Institute, and early this year announced that it will establish the Charles¬†D. Close School of Entrepreneurship. ¬† ¬†Mark Loschiavo‘s interdisciplinary program may now be threaded through engineering, design, medical research, law, and of course the Lebow Business School curricula.

At Penn, Professors Tom Cassel and Jeffrey Babin’s Engineering and Entrepreneurship program is the amalgamation of contemporary entrepreneurship education methods with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences curriculum, driving student innovation.

Meanwhile at the Fox school of business the Owls have been busy recruiting top teaching talent like Dr. Andrew Maxwell to recreate experiential entrepreneurship at Temple.

These three together with the coordinated networks of other Pennsylvania schools, mentors, investors, advisors, state public policy and economic development centers, The Ben Franklin Partners, is affecting positive economic change one startup at a time.  A proverbial statewide Shakedown Street for entrepreneurship.



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Poised for flight Wings Spread Bright Spring from Night into the Sun

“I hate slides. I like teams that have a product ready to show, start out with a demo and get straight into who it is for,” the Scobliezer says. “I hate anything that puts me to sleep, and slides often do.”

Help on the Way!¬†–¬†Quipu tosses entrepreneurs a free Pitch App

Quipu Pitch is an easy way for startup teams to build and share video and demonstrations of their innovation to the world and can include an executive snapshot of  the business model, operating plan, team, mentors, milestones, financials and strategy.

Its easy, free, and familiar because it works like popular social networks. ¬†Startups create their own Pitch online and make what they want publicly viewable. ¬†Professors, Investors, Mentors, TA’s and Judges can view, edit, connect, and evaluate startups and be a part of their Feedback Loop.

Pioneer of the one page business plan, Pitch is the update to Quipu EZ plan that brings together  Video, Slides, and Images with the entire suite of Quipu entrepreneurship applications.  Pitch displays the individual Lean Startup processes and business model automatically.

For startup teams of 3 and fewer Quipu is FREE, no limited functionality, and never a charge for Feedback Loop members.

Larger teams, competitions, consultants, educators, enterprises and incubators programs are based on the number of users required and projects managed.  These Subscriptions start at $19.99 per month for teams with up to 10 members and 10 projects.

I have never, as The Paedagogus, so vociferously promoted a product, rather opting to focus on the methods of the pedagogy, but what the hell,  this is Quipu Pitch!

Pitch Form 2a

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